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Train Wreck!

It has been a fairly difficult week here in the United States, this the seventh anniversary of the terrorist attacks on that fateful day, however for the most part it has been a quiet week, until Friday.

Hurricane Ike strikes the Gulf Coast doing its damage to cities like Galveston, Houston and Corpus Christi.

To make matters worse, for commuters heading home or wherever else in Ventura County after a long week in the city, it would be a day as fateful as that one tuesday morning when America woke up to the news forever etched in history, while the rest of the world watched with fearful eyes.

From a personal standpoint, I used to ride the Metrolink trains during my first semester at CSUN (Spring 2007). Eventually, I gave it up in favor of fighting traffic on the 405 or 101 freeways. I’ve always enjoyed riding the rails to the most interesting places, whether its the Metro Red Line from Wilshire/Western to North Hollywood or the Amtrak from Union Station to lord knows where. I still do and will still do.

Resilience is a good thing. However, we are all feeling a little sadder today because of the impact of this disaster, something not seen in years. How did it happen, we do not know. Whose at fault, we do not know. But one thing is for certain, like that fateful, this will forever be etched in our minds even as we carry.

My sentiments.

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Welcome to Kearney!

In her historic acceptance speech for the Vice Presidency, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, 44, spoke about her experiences of life in a small town, empahsizing small town values as part of her and Sen. John McCain’s (R-Ariz.) campaign for the White House.

“We grow good people in our small towns,” Palin said.

One of the small towns Palin is referring to is smack in the middle of America’s heartland. With a population of about 30,000, Kearney is more than a small town in the middle of America’s Heartland.

Kearney is a small but growing city whose population has grown by 5,000 since 1990. Situated near the Platte river and 1,733 miles between Boston and San Francisco, Kearney is home to the University of Nebraska at Kearney, one of four universities in the state’s university system. Stanley Crouse is the city’s mayor and the Kearney Hub is the city’s newspaper. KHGI-TV serves Kearney as an ABC television affiliate.

Kearney’s populations is generally homogeneous with 95 percent of the population white, though Hispanics make up a growing four percent of the Population in this middle class community where the median household income is about $35,000 a year.

While Nebraska generally votes conservative as it has in the past several elections, many questions abound for this city in the heartland, such as its impact on the nation’s economic and political climate and its relevance to Palin’s ideas.

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Coffee shops!

About a decade ago, it seemed as if there were only a few places to go when you wanted to know what others thought about anything, be it a restauarant, computer, school, or even a freeway. One would have to pick up a newspaper or tune into Siskel and Ebert to find out if one should check out the latest motion picture or save their money and wait until its out on video. Ditto for restaurants, museums, art galleries, circuses and whatever imaginable tangible element.

Enter the digital age, and what was once the job of overpaid, smarmy authoritarians, critics if you will, has now become a task millions and millions more pursue. Word of mouth has always been an effective means of decision-making among common living citizens, but now it’s gone into another realm, cyberspace.

The estimates of people using message boards and review websites vary depending on the source gathering such data, though most would say it is tremendous, all this to feed a new habit of critiquing. Websites ranging from Amazon to Chowhound and Yelp! allow users to visualize themselves as overpaid, smarmy critics, keeping other informed and enterained on a plethora of nouns and topics ranging from shoes, restaurants, supermarkets, textbooks, gizmos, gadgets, cities, and even highways.

Take this article from yelp for example written by Michael L. in which he critiques Interstate 405 in Southern California, one of the nations busiest throughfares.

“I get road-rage… and  the 405 just ignites me! I guess tolerating it depends on where you’re going and your urgency, but I cannot stay below my boiling point on that stretch of hell.”

There are several more from where that came from as I-405 received a two star (out of five) rating.  The critiques can found here

Needless to say, unlike the glamourous world of critiquing freeways for cold hard cash, this job, if one likes to call it that, is nothing but. After all, it is an open forum and a public service. Unless, another member is willing to offer a reviewer currency for their work.

But what could this mean for those smarmy, overpaid critics at the Times, the Post, the Chronicle, and the thousands of broadsheets around the world? Could this signal the end of the paid critic or could it spawn a new form of journalism, a journalism where the general public is invited to voice their ideas in the forum taking away from the trained authority?

Well only time will tell as such as form is still in its infancy. In the meantime, the future of critiquing ones daily commute to an audience of anywhere from six to a million could be interesting.

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Koylo… Just Bubble the dang thing!

Not long ago, Our class discovered Kyolo…not Kyoto, Japan or the Kyoto Protocol…or for those of you old enough to remember keylolo, one of Shenaenae’s friends (played by South Central lady rapper Yo-yo) on an episode of the old Martin Lawrence show…just another crazy old website, where you can take pictures and add bubbles with text. It’s essentially making a comic strip out of what appears to be reasonably inane pictures. Since when did trips to the Grand Canyon or car accident scene’s become so funny?

Bear in mind, I do not do product placement! This is for a class.

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It’s what got JFK the vote!

This is just a repost, I originally wrote this on Thursday….

Senator Barack Obama delivered his, I would say gold-medal winning, acceptance speech at INVESCO Field in Denver tonight, and he, like his predecessor, has made the case for change, something that has been a centerpiece of the campaign trails. Former Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton said the same thing back in 1992 and I figure others have as well. Of course, there were many stars alongside those stars and stripes and confetti.

However, there were a few things missing as Bennett College President Julianne Malveaux and Princeton scholar Cornel West suggested, it would have been best if he emphasized the historical aspect of the speech such as the third-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and the 45th year of the March of Washington where Reverend Dr. King delivered his ubiquitous speech. Ok, I ripped this from tonight’s Tavis Smiley show!

There are still many questions that will arise about the candidates and their causes, and only time will tell. For one, I cannot wait until the debates, where in Monday Night Football tradition both candidates take off the gloves and meet face to face with a moderator, a news anchor from one of the major networks, to share and contrast their visions of what they believe will be a better country, and If you’re one of those who vision world domination, a better world.

With the debates however, I also wonder if other parties such as the Green and Libertarian parties will be able to make their voices. I recall reading some newspaper articles a while back where consumer advocate Ralph Nader was not permitted to participate in a debate.

I tell you, this will be an interesting final few months and I have yet to decide who I am picking. Let the debates be the deciding factor. It’s what got JFK the vote!

Good Night!

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Sarah Who?

Last night, Sen. John McCain, (R-Ariz.) announced his Vice Presidential pick, and that distinction goes to a former beauty pageant contestant and native Alaskan. Governor Sarah Palin (R-Alaska) is her name, and the quest to become the first female executive is her game.

Perhaps Sen. McCain took note from all the drama, pageantry, and camaraderie of the Democrats and their little extravaganza in the Mile High City with Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) reminiscent of greats like President John Kennedy, whose acceptance speech on a hot day in the grand old lady (the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum) provided inspiration for the current batch of Dems. I guess the question, the Reps were asking was, If Barry and his gang can do something that big, why not raise the ante?

Sen. McCain’s decision, as monumental as it extravangant, does bring some questions.

Was this decision in an effort to prove that McCain is in touch with the youth vote, trying to perhaps mirror the Obama/Biden ticket where one has extensive Washington experience while the other is a rookie in a big man’s, rather than nominate some experience Washington insider (i.e. Sen. Joe Lieberman) or another well established political figure (i.e. former Massachusetts Governor and Salt Lake City Olympic organiser Mitt Romney)?

What impact will this decision have on undecided voters, particularly voters (such as those touted Senator Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) who felt jaded by the disputative politics of the Democratic primaries and caucases?

Will this time work, we all remember Geraldine Ferraro’s ill-fated attempts, but come on, Reagan was too good a candidate, and only Minnesota and DC took Mondale and Ferraro’s words seriously, while the rest of the state, kept the Gipper in mind. Speaking of Minnesota, that’s where the convention takes place, a state that has always voted Democrat since 1976, when Jimmy Carter got the bid.

And finally who is Sarah Palin. Sure she looks attractive, kinda like that nerdy-albeit-sexy schoolteacher with the glasses and the bun, but who is she?

For those answers, consult your encyclopedia!

Speaking of Encyclopedias, here’s something I found on wikiquote for our quote of the day.

“You just can’t put something with commercial motive into Wikipedia. Admitting it is hardly better; it is still a crime. The Wikipedians and bloggers will attack hard and they will deserve what they get.”

Good Night!

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Hello world! Holy Cow!

Hello world! Holy cow!

Welcome one, Welcome all! A vow to all of you viewers, I will try best not to attack or crticize anyone or talk about weird things like all those other bloggers. This will be an interesting experiment, so to paraphrase a quote by the late professor Timothy Leary “Turn On, Tune In, Drop out……what you’re doing and read what I have to say!”

Quote of the day!

“O, the times, O, the morals!”


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