Posted by: mbhcity | October 17, 2008

How to get priority registration? A CSUN Issue.

Many students at California State University, Northridge complain about the difficulty of getting the classes they need. Often times, students receive registration dates that are not ideal, usually during the last few days of priority registration period.

By then classes fill up and students are left out, having either to add the class or wait another semester.

Consequently this leads many students to graduate, if achieved, later than the ideal four years a typical college student would take.

So the question is: How does a student get priority registration and, as such, the classes needed to graduate on time?

Here are a few tips and techniques that might help.

1) Be sure to plan out your schedule early!

-While you may not necessarily get an ideal registration, there are several ways to make the most of your semester plans. Schedules are available on the PORTAL months before the registration period begins. Be sure to check periodically for schedules and plan out your semester schedule as early as possible. You might want to consider courses at other times, such as mornings, nights, and even weekends if you cannot get priority registration. Online courses are also available for some courses.

2) If at first you don’t succeed, try again… in the summer.

-The biggest benefit of summer session is that students can get an early priority registration date and get the classes they need to graduate or meet a degree requirement. The university notifies students to check PORTAL and click on the summer enrollment section two months before summer session begins when the school gives out registration dates. Students get registration dates on a first come, first serve basis. The only disadvantage is that not all courses are available during the summer semester. More information is available through the University’s admission and records website.

3) Make sure you get advisement as soon as possible; some classes require it.

-Some courses such as tutorial and practicum courses in the journalism department require a permission number in order to be registered. Enrollment in practicum and tutorial courses are on a first come first serve basis and fill up quickly.

You can achieve this by meeting with your advisor during the advisement period. In the journalism department, for examples, advisement for returning students during the fall begins in September and for the Spring in April. It helps to meet with your advisor to plan out course and in some cases register for courses which require permission numbers.

4) Take up a sport.

Did you know that most students not only receive scholarships to play a sport at Cal State Northridge? They also register for classes before most students do.

Like many other colleges and universities, student athletes must meet certain academic requirements such as being a full-time student with a 12 credit or more course load and a 2.0 grade point average.

Officials with the CSUN athletics department said it is their goal to assure that students focus not only on sports but on their studies. They said students cannot achieve enrolling in the classes needed to graduate without proper advisement and early registration.

A 2002 NCAA study found that 35 percent of CSUN student athletes, taking an average of four courses a semester, graduate compared to 30 percent of all students. Nationwide, 63 percent of Division I student athletes graduate compared to 61 percent of students.

5) Get involved on campus.

Various campus organizations such as Associated Students, University Ambassadors, Matador New Student Orientation Mentor Program and The Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) encourage students to get involved on campus and to increase awareness about issues and opportunities facing students and the campus community.

Many organizations award students with priority registration for their support. In addition, it will look good on a resume.

6) Thinking about graduating, file the application early, get priority registration as a graduating senior.

The Office of Admissions recommends students apply early, during the application filing period, In order to secure priority registration for the semester of graduation. The period generally begins in April for students seeking to graduate the following spring or summer semester, and November for the following fall semester. Students can only receive senior priority registration once should they choose to delay their graduation. After that, a student will receive their usual registration date.

Getting the classes needed to graduate can be challenging and at times confusing, but with the right plan, proper advisement and a little effort, success can be achieved.

Happy Learning!

If this doesn’t help…try this video.


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