Posted by: mbhcity | August 31, 2008

It’s what got JFK the vote!

This is just a repost, I originally wrote this on Thursday….

Senator Barack Obama delivered his, I would say gold-medal winning, acceptance speech at INVESCO Field in Denver tonight, and he, like his predecessor, has made the case for change, something that has been a centerpiece of the campaign trails. Former Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton said the same thing back in 1992 and I figure others have as well. Of course, there were many stars alongside those stars and stripes and confetti.

However, there were a few things missing as Bennett College President Julianne Malveaux and Princeton scholar Cornel West suggested, it would have been best if he emphasized the historical aspect of the speech such as the third-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and the 45th year of the March of Washington where Reverend Dr. King delivered his ubiquitous speech. Ok, I ripped this from tonight’s Tavis Smiley show!

There are still many questions that will arise about the candidates and their causes, and only time will tell. For one, I cannot wait until the debates, where in Monday Night Football tradition both candidates take off the gloves and meet face to face with a moderator, a news anchor from one of the major networks, to share and contrast their visions of what they believe will be a better country, and If you’re one of those who vision world domination, a better world.

With the debates however, I also wonder if other parties such as the Green and Libertarian parties will be able to make their voices. I recall reading some newspaper articles a while back where consumer advocate Ralph Nader was not permitted to participate in a debate.

I tell you, this will be an interesting final few months and I have yet to decide who I am picking. Let the debates be the deciding factor. It’s what got JFK the vote!

Good Night!


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