Posted by: mbhcity | August 30, 2008

Sarah Who?

Last night, Sen. John McCain, (R-Ariz.) announced his Vice Presidential pick, and that distinction goes to a former beauty pageant contestant and native Alaskan. Governor Sarah Palin (R-Alaska) is her name, and the quest to become the first female executive is her game.

Perhaps Sen. McCain took note from all the drama, pageantry, and camaraderie of the Democrats and their little extravaganza in the Mile High City with Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) reminiscent of greats like President John Kennedy, whose acceptance speech on a hot day in the grand old lady (the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum) provided inspiration for the current batch of Dems. I guess the question, the Reps were asking was, If Barry and his gang can do something that big, why not raise the ante?

Sen. McCain’s decision, as monumental as it extravangant, does bring some questions.

Was this decision in an effort to prove that McCain is in touch with the youth vote, trying to perhaps mirror the Obama/Biden ticket where one has extensive Washington experience while the other is a rookie in a big man’s, rather than nominate some experience Washington insider (i.e. Sen. Joe Lieberman) or another well established political figure (i.e. former Massachusetts Governor and Salt Lake City Olympic organiser Mitt Romney)?

What impact will this decision have on undecided voters, particularly voters (such as those touted Senator Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) who felt jaded by the disputative politics of the Democratic primaries and caucases?

Will this time work, we all remember Geraldine Ferraro’s ill-fated attempts, but come on, Reagan was too good a candidate, and only Minnesota and DC took Mondale and Ferraro’s words seriously, while the rest of the state, kept the Gipper in mind. Speaking of Minnesota, that’s where the convention takes place, a state that has always voted Democrat since 1976, when Jimmy Carter got the bid.

And finally who is Sarah Palin. Sure she looks attractive, kinda like that nerdy-albeit-sexy schoolteacher with the glasses and the bun, but who is she?

For those answers, consult your encyclopedia!

Speaking of Encyclopedias, here’s something I found on wikiquote for our quote of the day.

“You just can’t put something with commercial motive into Wikipedia. Admitting it is hardly better; it is still a crime. The Wikipedians and bloggers will attack hard and they will deserve what they get.”

Good Night!


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